Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Foundation Settling in McMinnville, TN!

This customer had sagging floors, cracking walls, and uneven doors. We installed 7 smart jacks to lift the floors, level the doors and fix the cracks!!!

Strengthening Retaining Walls in McMinnville, TN

This home has a large retaining wall which needed a total of 7 Geo-lock wall anchors installed to straighten the wall and prevent any damage or collapse.

Concerning wall cracks in Morgantown KY

Home in Morgantown KY with interior wall cracks that continue to get worse. Safety and value are important elements in the decision making process. Uneven floors, cracks in drywall, and sinking doors needed help. Reinforcing the structure of the home was top priority before the problem could get any worse.

Smart Jacks in Lebanon, TN

We placed 10 Smart Jacks in this crawlspace to lift the foundation and stop the floors from sagging!

Bowing Walls in Lebanon TN

This Nashville basement is used for living, storage, and utilities. The family had noticed some cracks and bowing of the blocks and knew contrary to popular belief foundation movement was not okay.

A free inspection showed significant hydrostatic pressure against that foundation wall.

The 8ft x 45ft wall needed a little reinforcement. 

A load calculator determines the necessary spacing to carry the load of the structure. In all, 9 GeoLock Wall Anchors were spaced approximately 5.5' apart, a little closer in the corner to hold the corner load.

Total Before & After Sets: 127

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