Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Foundation Settling in McMinnville, TN!

This customer had sagging floors, cracking walls, and uneven doors. We installed 7 smart jacks to lift the floors, level the doors and fix the cracks!!!

Strengthening Retaining Walls in McMinnville, TN

This home has a large retaining wall which needed a total of 7 Geo-lock wall anchors installed to straighten the wall and prevent any damage or collapse.

CarbonArmor in Sparta, KY

We installed CarbonArmor to eliminate this customers cracking foundation!

Foundation Wall Support in Cookeville TN

The foundation wall of this home was failing. The pressure from the earth on the other side of the wall was making the basement wall bow inward.

Steel PowerBraces will support the wall and prevent any further movement of the basement foundation wall.


Bouncy Floors Supported in Cookeville, TN

These Tennessee homeowners were having some serious foundation issues in their forever home. The home's wood floors had cracks and bouncy spots, their doors weren't closing correctly, and they had cracks on the walls inside their home. The most important thing to them when finding a company was the cost and the quality of the products. 

After speaking with our inspector about their foundation solution, they were thrilled to get on board and support their wood floorboards too! 

Our crew installed steel SmartJacks and steel supporting beams. The SmartJacks are easily adjustable and great at lifting sunken boards up that weren't strong enough to support the weight of heavy furniture and people. 

This family no longer has bouncy floors and they couldn't be happier!

Don't let weak board hold your home up, call us now for a free estimate and inspection!  

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