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SmartJack Stabilizers in White House, TN

A home in White House, TN, had cracks in the walls, sagging floors, and a damp crawl space, making it uncomfortable and structurally unsound. With SmartJack Stabilizers and encapsulation, the crawl space was transformed, reducing moisture to 55%. Steel beams lifted sagging floors, and enhancements such as a SaniDry Dehumidifier fortified the home, ensuring lasting peace of mind.

SmartJack Stabilizers in Hendersonville, TN

Before the project, a home in Hendersonville displayed troubling signs of foundation shifting, including interior wall cracks and sagging floors. Upon inspection, it became evident that high levels of humidity had exacerbated the situation, prompting the need for a comprehensive encapsulation endeavor. Installation of a Clean Space Vapor Barrier followed, effectively sealing out moisture and fortifying the crawl space environment. To bolster the foundation, durable steel beams were incorporated to resist rot and mold, ensuring enduring stability. Additionally, SmartJack Stabilizers, constructed from galvanized steel, were employed to elevate the floors back to their original position. The project's completion marked a remarkable transformation, turning the once raw crawl space into a dry, steadfast, and mold-free sanctuary, reinstating the home's structural integrity and instilling a sense of tranquility for the homeowner.

SmartJacks in Nashville, TN

Before seeking assistance, a homeowner in Nashville, TN, faced dual challenges of recurring flooding in their basement and foundation settlement issues, which manifested as sagging floors. These problems caused inconvenience and structural concerns, prompting the homeowner to take action. After implementing waterproofing measures to address the flooding, our team returned to tackle the foundation repair. The interior cracks and sagging floors indicated significant structural instability, necessitating the use of SmartJack Stabilizers. These stabilizers, reinforced by steel beams, were strategically installed to provide enduring support and restore stability to the foundation. Crafted from galvanized steel, SmartJack Stabilizers offer a long-lasting solution, capable of elevating structures back to their original position. With this comprehensive approach, we successfully resolved both the flooding and foundation settlement issues for the homeowner in Nashville, TN, ensuring their property's structural integrity and peace of mind.

SmartJack Stabilizers Installed in Joelton, TN

In Joelton, TN, a home was wrestling with troubling foundation issues, evident in persistent interior cracks and stubborn doors. The installation of the Clean Space Vapor Barrier, along with the introduction of resilient steel beams and SmartJack Stabilizers, takes center stage. These components work harmoniously, adeptly lifting and restoring stability to the home's foundation. Notably, the SmartJack Stabilizer, crafted from galvanized steel, plays a pivotal role, effortlessly elevating the foundation to its original position.

Complete Foundation Repair Project in Clarksville

In Clarksville, TN, a home experienced sticky doors and musty smells from its crawl space. Despite efforts to mitigate with a low-quality vapor barrier, moisture and humidity persisted. Elevated wood moisture content prompted immediate action. We recommended and implemented comprehensive repairs including Foundation Smart Jacks, encapsulation, Drainage Matting, CleanSpace Liner, SmartJack Stabilizers, a SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier, and a new EverLast Door. This ensured a healthier, more secure living environment with lasting protection against moisture-related issues.

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