Foundation Repair Case Studies: Sinkhole in Madisonville

Friday, December 1st, 2017 by Brittney Gebers


This Madisonville, Kentucky home was having a long list of foundation problems because of a sinkhole. The homeowners had made an insurance claim and wanted to save their home by stabilizing the foundation. The evidence was obvious inside the home but as the crews dug, the findings were scary.

An insurance representative for the home owner said that the house was built on top of where mine activity occurred and has caused issues with the structure and foundation of the home. He sent me an email with the engineer report, insurance will cover the work. Our office called the home owner to schedule the inspection.


Permanently Stabilize Main House Foundation
Permanently Stabilize Main House Beams
Permanently Stabilize Garage Slab Floor
Stabilize and Reconstruct Front Porch
Driveway Replacement



Install Push Piers to support the foundation as shown on job drawing using a low profile bracket. Final Location of piers is subject to field conditions.

Excavate the soil at each pier location to the footing. Backfill and tamp soil after the system is installed.

Install Push Jack Assembly under the main house beams as indicated in the drawing Cut drywall as necessary to install the push jack on the front left part of the home Wrap the push jacks in the basement area.

Install Slab Piers to support the concrete slab as indicated on job drawing using a push pier system. 

Install PolyLEVEL as indicated on job drawing under the entire garage floor slab

Install PowerBraces as indicated on job drawing using an 8' brace. Includes top lever bracket, placed on the foundation wall under the front
porch to prevent it from tilting in.

Demo and replace the 8' by 8' section of front porch that has dropped at least 4 inches down. Excavate the soil under the front porch slab to relieve pressure from the foundation wall from tilting in. 

Demo and replace the front concrete steps and 5 feet of sidewalk that has cracked near the front porch concrete steps. Backfill the soil under the front porch slab after reconstruction. Remove the entire aggregate driveway and sidewalk and haul off debris.

Install new 4" concrete slab with wire mesh reinforcement and gravel base in place of the agrregate driveway and sidewalk.

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