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Proper waterproofing of the crawl space makes all the difference in the comfort and health of a home.
Bill & Jean B. of GALLATIN, TN
Wednesday, January 2nd
  The crawl space in Mark S.' Mount Juliet, TN home had water pooling on the dirt floor, and a moisture and mold problem so significant that the musty smell from the crawl space was noticeable all through the house. After doing some research online, Mark decided to call Frontier Basement Systems for help. "We're very glad that we did because now that we got through this it is so much better! It smells better, it is cleaner.." -- says Mark, also adding that he noticed a significant reduction in his utility costs after the crawl space was treated and encapsulated."The crew that came out were very meticulous about what they were doing, they were all about the business to get it done and did a good job. I was very impressed with that."  -- he explains. Mark is so impressed with the entire experience and so happy with the results that he recommended us to a neighbor with similar problems, and says that if he ever builds another house, he will call Frontier Basement Systems again to get the basement or crawl space taken care of.
Mark S. of Mount Juliet, TN
  After building their 11th house, Jim P. from Mount Juliet, TN and his wife wanted to protect their investment by avoiding future problems in the crawl space. They called Frontier Basement Systems for help. The company sealed and insulated the area and, besides being very happy with the service and attention they received they are even happier with the results! Not only the foundation is permanently protected against humidity, mold, dry rot and structural damages but their entire home is more energy efficient! "For a house as big as our house is, the utility bills are extremely low! We are very very pleased with our utility bills!" says Jim. "We chose Frontier and we are very very happy we did!"
Jim P. of Mount Juliet, TN
Mr Faoro talks about his crawl space encapsulation. A builder flaw left his crawl space wet after every rain. He tried a french drain but that didn't solve the problem.  Frontier Basement Systems did an inspection and offered a permanent solution. After installing proper drainage system with sump pump and dehumidifier the crawl space is dry and the floors are a lot warmer.
M F. of Old Hickory, TN
Wednesday, January 2nd
Hear what Leslee has to say about the solutions Frontier Basement Systems was able to provide regarding the Moisture in the basement.Visual with computer plansOn time!Great with QuestionsI'm nosy, its my  house. I'm hearing them do stuff, I want to know what is going on.
Leslee K. of Goodletsville, TN
Wednesday, March 6th
Buddy H.'s home in Madison, TN had serious moisture issues. Doord were sticking, windows wouldn't open and the air indoors was so humid, it was hard to breathe. As a savvy homeowner, Buddy began to research online looking for solutions and he located several companies said to specialize in moisture control. After having a few of them coming in for an inspection, Buddy chose Frontier Basement Systems for the job. " I chose Frontier Basement Systems because they were the most professional and most knowledgeable"  He was very impressed with the system design specialist who came to inspect the home. "He crawled all under the house, he took pictures, and he showed me exactly what my problem was, and he told me exactly what I needed to do to fix." The crew that came in also impressed him with their friendliness and courtesy, delivering the job on time an cleaning up after themselves. "I could not be more happy with the workmanship" - says Buddy."We have a recording studio in our home and we host singers on a daily basis, and the singers have commented on how much easier they can breathe. Our air is dry and clean, our home smells clean, our business is doing very well because of the atmosphere that has been created by the work done by Frontier Basement Systems" -.- he explains.
Buddy H. of Madison, TN
100 year old home in College Grove Tennessee needed some love. The dirt basement was not very welcoming or friendly. Unsure how long the previous sump pump and dehumidifier had been in the space neither were functioning. Frontier Basement Systems encapsulated the basement and added a new sump pump and dehumidifier. The crawl space under the add-on section of home was also encapsulated, protecting the wood floors from warping, sagging, and other moisture related issues.   Energy efficient and clean. Basement is now accessible and great for extra storage space.  
LaDonna M. of College Grove, TN
Wednesday, January 2nd
Jim had the crawl space of his new home encapsulated to control moitsure; preventing mold, mildew, and allergies. He loves knowing his home is insulated and protected.
Jim C. of Dickson, TN
Wednesday, January 2nd
  Tom K.'s Paducah, KY home is over 90 years old, and as it happens with many homes built at the time, part of his basement had a dirt floor which was affected by all the common problems associated with this type of foundation -- water seepage, high humidity levels, mold and odors. Part of the basement had concrete floor but was also very damp and leaky. A little less than years ago Tom went to a home show and that is where he first saw Frontier Basement Systems and was presented with a solution for all his wet basement problems: the CleanSpace Encapsulation System. The CleanSpace System, designed to seal crawl spaces and basements, solves humidity problems by completely isolating the basement or crawl space from the two main sources of moisture: ground water evaporation and outside air. A thick, 20mil multi layered plastic vapor barrier is used to completely cover the ground and walls and then caulked for an air tight seal. Since the CleanSpace System was installed in the basement, moisture has been under control and the foul smells disappeared. Tom enjoys a drier, healthier, more comfortable an energy efficient home as a result. For more information about the CleanSpace system, visit our website or call to schedule a free estimate!
Tom K. of Paducah, KY
Very pleased with the work. Cleanup was excellent and the crew/foreman was very courteous. Aaron was very professional and courteous as well.
Lesa P. of Livingston, TN
Monday, August 31st
I was very impressed with the professionalism of the operator that handled my original request through HomeAdvisor. She was very prompt and very courteous. Cooper Whitaker was assigned our account. He was prompt, conscientious, sincere but not over bearing. We will let you know within the next day or two how we will proceed. But I very much appreciate his professionalism, his candor, and his concern. Top-notch!
Brenda A. of Cookeville, TN
Tuesday, January 12th
The Frontier crew showed up on time every day and was very friendly and perfessional in sealing our crawl space.  They answered all of our questions. Thank you!
Abir and Omar E. of Cookeville, TN
Friday, October 16th
  Jayden, Justin, JP, Andres. The guys on the crew were so amazing and I am so happy!
Lydia S. of Cookeville, TN
Wednesday, April 5th
Happy with the work!
Angela H. of Park City, KY
Tuesday, September 8th
Very professional from the first contact to the completion of the job! There communication , explanation and execution we're all spot on! I have worked in the customer svc field for over 20 years and this is how it should be done ! I also had prior contractor experience and was immediately relieved when I saw that the job was being executed properly! The crew was professional, courteous and respectful of my home. They worked hard from the moment they entered my home till completion on the next day . They executed the job exactly as was contracted in quality and time frame . I would highly recommend this outfit to anyone with water entering there home.
Bradley W. of Red Boiling Springs, TN
Wednesday, November 25th
Janine scheduled my first time free inspection and she was so friendly! She was the nicest person I have talked to in 30 years!!
Josh G. of Austin, KY
Thursday, July 23rd
Being a contractor myself it is a relief when I see how great other contractors can be! Very impressed.
John B. of Spencer, TN
Monday, February 8th
Testimonial Photo by Daniel C.
Frontier Basement Systems did a great job from the first phone contact all the way through the final scrap being cleaned up from the job.  Brian and his crew showed up as promised, informed me of everything they were going to do and periodically asked me if everything was meeting my expectations.  He and his crew were courteous, worked very hard and made sure everything was to my satisfaction.  I don't mind admitting that I am expremely particular and want everything done neatly and thorough.  When this job was done, I was 100% satisfied.
Daniel C. of Lafayette, TN
It's not my primary residence, but when I  left a day after they finished the job my wife and I were extremely pleased with the job. Fernando's work was clean, precise, and professional. He cleaned up his mess and left the work site as clean as it was before he arrived.
Brian E. of Scottsville, KY
Tuesday, January 8th
The technician was very nice, he cleaned up real well. We were very impressed. We always recommended your company to anyone we have talked to that may need your services.
Bill B. of Alvaton, KY
Wednesday, June 12th
We had the clean crawl space put in, along with a water pump feature. The crew was timely with the work and very knowledgeable. I would use this company again but mostly because of the staff. Our foreman ensured we were as comfortable as possible as the work took place and they cleaned up after they put our system in. I definitely would recommend you use this company for all your basement needs.
Chisa W. of Bowling Green, KY
Tuesday, October 27th
"They were so great and very thorough! So thankful!"
Amanda W. of Bowling Green, KY
Monday, October 28th
Very happy with the appearance and how professional the installers are. I will definitely recommend them.
Jason L. of Bowling Green, KY
Thursday, October 31st
Ronald H was really impressed with Manny; saying Manny was really professional, he called when on the way, he walked through everything with him, and was really considerate of the him.
Roland H. of Westermorland, TN
Tuesday, January 23rd
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