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Concrete Driveway and Sidewalk Repair, Mt. Juliet, TN

Cracked Concrete in Hendersonville, TN

In Hendersonville, TN, a homeowner faced the issue of cracked and uneven concrete throughout their driveway and sidewalk. These structural weaknesses were attributed to poorly compacted soil, resulting in the formation of voids beneath the surface. First, the injection of PolyLevel—a specialized compound designed to even out and lift the concrete—effectively addressed the unevenness. Furthermore, cracks and joints were sealed using Nexus Pro, a high-quality sealant, ensuring the durability and longevity of the repairs. Upon completion, the homeowner was left with stabilized concrete surfaces and repaired cracks, enhancing both the aesthetics and safety of their property.

Cracked Pool Deck in Beechmont, KY

A home in Beechmont, KY, was struggling with cracks and unevenness on their pool deck, presenting a concern ahead of the forthcoming pool season. The concrete surface displayed numerous weak points and cracks, suspected to have originated from poorly compacted soil, leading to the formation of voids beneath. Following thorough repair efforts, the once-troubled pool deck in Beechmont, KY, now stands rejuvenated and fortified. Through a meticulous process involving drilling preparation and PolyLevel injection, the surface has been expertly lifted and leveled, addressing previous unevenness and structural weaknesses. Additionally, the application of Nexus Pro sealant has effectively sealed cracks and joints, ensuring enhanced durability and safeguarding against future damage. This comprehensive restoration approach not only resolves visible issues but also instills long-term stability, allowing homeowners the reassurance to relish their outdoor oasis once more.

Uneven Pool Deck in Beechmont, KY

A home in Beechmont, KY, faced a problem with its pool deck's cracks and uneven surface before the upcoming pool season. Suspected soil issues caused weak spots and fractures. After thorough repairs, including drilling and PolyLevel injection, the surface is now leveled and strengthened. Nexus Pro sealant ensures durability. This restoration not only fixes visible issues but also brings long-term stability for homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space confidently.

Sidewalk Cracks Sealed, Smyrna, TN

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