Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Dry Basement in Nashville TN

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 by Brittney Gebers


This 1940s Nashville home was having trouble with water in the basement. The current home owner has lived here for 9 years and is worried about water damage to items and health. The basement leaks have caused mold problems as well as loss of storage space. Looking for a permanent fix to treat all of their concerns Frontier Basement Systems discussed the concerns and frustrations,  the plans for the basement, priorities, and expectations. 


The basement did  have an old sump pump in the floor but it was not able to meet the basements needs.

Roll on waterproofing products had also been attempted on the foundation walls.

A store bought dehumidifier was also running and working as hard as it could in an attempt to control the humidity levels of the home. However the Humidity levels were still reading high, over 65%.

Accomplish List:

Keep the whole basement dry

Keep basement dry all the time

Prevent Mold and Reduce odors.


WaterGuard: WaterGuard sub-floor drainage system is installed to permanently prevent water seepage. A trench is developed around the perimeter of the basement in installation areas. All debris will be removed from the basement area and hauled away. The WaterGuard is installed with a layer of drainage rock. Finally, concrete is poured over WaterGuard system and the floor is restored flush.

WaterGuard Inspection Port. 2 ports along the WaterGuard system make it easy to check for any debris or blockages in the collection lines and easy to clean if ever needed.

Lateral Line sub-floor drainage system is installed to capture sub surface water flow from beneath the concrete basement slab. A trench is developed for this one as well. The lateral line is installed with a layer of drainage rock. Finally, concrete is poured over the lateral line and the floor is restored flush.

TripleSafe Complete System is a pump system including 2 pumps and Ultra Sump. The Ultra Sump III will protect against flooding if your power or circuit breakers fail. An airtight lid with an airtight floor drain, in case of plumbing leaks, will be installed to prevent moisture
from escaping from the sump liner.

SaniDry CX CrawlSpace Air System. The SaniDry drains into existing drainage system. The SaniDry Sedona is a revolutionary, Energy Star rated dehumidification system designed to lower humidity while removing dust and odors.

LawnScape Outlet will dispense water at end of sump pump discharge line or downspout extension.


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