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Monday, October 8th, 2018 by Brittney Griffy


You might be familiar with the terms; footing drain, french drain, and trench drain. These are exterior drainage systems that sit at the base of the foundation, the problem with these systems are clogs.

One theory to solve the problem of these exterior drainage systems clogging was to dig deeper on the interior of the foundation. This type drainage method is consider drain tile. This method is a dig out with gravel and drainage pipe sits beside the footing on the interior. Still a plastic pipe surrounded by gravel. susceptible to the same problems as exterior footing drains.

clogged pipe

As soil clogs this "interior" drain tile from the mud below it will cause basement flooding. still no escape route.

Additional concerns include soil wash out creating foundation settlement causing other structural problems for the home or structure.

So digging deeper for an interior drainage pipe does not provide the best permanent solution for the home.

The best way to manage water under your home and around your foundation is an interior drainage system on top of the footing. This system is not in the soil and does not disturb the soil, no extra disruption, drain, and will not clog with soil/sediment.  This system can also be maintained and serviced as needed through inspections ports without digging or disruption.

The basement or foundation wall sits on a 1' footing. You do not want to disrupt the footing. Don’t disturb structural integrity on top of footing.

If a drain with a sump pump is placed deeper than needed, with a sump pump run all the time. Constant running of the device will increase the electricity used and the additional water pumped out has to discharge somewhere. Consistent drainage may create a swamp in the yard where it discharges.

A properly placed pump will only pump water out as necessary saving on utilities, the life of the pump, and excessively wet area in your yard.



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