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Components and Specs:

Top Plate: SJ350TP. Plate and wall, long confining ring. zinc plated.

Plate Yield strength is 36ksi, tensile strength is 58ksi.

Confining yield strength is 35ksi, tensile strength is 60 ksi.

All Thread Rod: SJ125ATR. 1.25" diameter x 10" long with welded heavy hex nut. zinc plated.

Yield strength is 70ksi, tensile strength is  85ksi.

Threaded Insert: SJ350TI. 3.50" OD x 1.00" long machined and tapped inset, zinc plated. Yield strength 56ksi, tensile strength 90ksi.

Tube: 3.5" OD x 0.165" wall x 36", 60", or 84" long field cut to length, triple-coated in-line galvanized.

Yield Strength is 50ksi, tensile strength is 55ksi.

Bottom Plate: SJ350BP. plate and wall long ring, zinc plated.

Plate yield strength is 36ksi, tensile strength is 58ksi.

Confining yield strength is 35ksi, tensile strength is 60 ksi.

Precast Concrete Footing: SJFTG. approximately 12"x12".


Allowable Capacity:

The allowable system capacity of the assembled SmartJack steel components is 30 kips (3o,ooo pounds). Additional axial compression test completed in an independent laboratory resulted in ultimate values between 56 and 90 kips.

The strength of the SmartJack is impressive the system is limited to by the bearing capacity of the existing soil. A well-compacted crushed stone or recycled concrete base is proven to support the higher bearing pressure condition immediately below the concrete footing, then absorb and distribute lower presures to existing soils.  In extreme soft conditions, allowable loads on the order of 10 to 15 kips are typically achievable without future appreciable settlement. If settlement occurs, adjustments are easily made by extending the all-thread rod.

The SmartJack is designed to support axial compression loads.

Corrosion Protection:

The steel tube is manufacture with a triple-layer, in-line galvanized coating.

  1. A uniform hot-drip zinc galvanized layer
  2. An intermediate conversion coating to inhibit the formation of white rust and enhance corrosion resistance
  3. A clear organic top coating for appearance and durability.

The inside of the pier tube also has a zinc-rich coating.

The remaining steel SmartJack components come standard as zinc-plated in accordance with ASTM B633, :Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Zinc on Iron and Steel."



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