Frontier Basement Systems Case Studies: Basement Makeover in Nashville

Thursday, December 28th, 2017 by Brittney Griffy


This Nashville home has been experiencing water seeping through the floor during each heavy rain. The home was built in the 50s. This family has been dealing with this for the 7 years they have lived there. The family plans on staying in this home for a long time and is also concerned about mold. There has been property damage to the items in the basement from the moisture. Frontier Basement Systems had gone out to take a look a few years ago but life happens and the family was not able to move forward at that time. The long term plan is to finish the basement and have one company take care of the entire job is important to the homeowner. Keeping the WHOLE basement dry ALL the time is the goal!

Customer Accomplish List:

Keep Basement Dry ALL the time!

Prevent Mold

Prevent Moisture

Finish Downstairs





Remove all wall paneling from living space in basement. Remove doors and trim.


2. Waterproofing:

Drytrack water management system

TripleSafe Complete System including pumps and UltraSump in the garage

IceGuard LawnScape Outlets

Buried 4" Drainage/Discharge Line for Downspout Extension

Water Management is the key to permanent water proofing. Water can penetrate anything organic with pores, travel through the tiniest of space, or even create its own path over time. Providing a drainage system to collect and pump the water away from the home is the solution to waterproofing the home.


3. Air Quality:

SaniDry XP Upright Dehumidifier Air System

Controlling the moisture will make the air more comfortable as well as prevent against mold and mildew.


4.Basement to Beautiful:

EverLast Insulated Partition Wall System w/Metal Studs

Total Basement Finishing Everlast Non-Insulated Wall Panels

CleanSpace Wall

Mahogany Millcreek Flooring

Replacing the rotten material with non-organic material will provide a permanent solution, insulate the space, and make the basement beautiful.

If there ever were a flooding issue the materials will dry out. They will not mold or mildew.



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