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Repair Your Pool Deck Before The Fun Begins!

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Summer is almost here, and that means it's time to get your backyard oasis ready for fun in the sun! But before you break out the pool floats and inflatable toys, take a look at your pool deck. Is it uneven, cracked, or showing signs of sinking? Uneven concrete can be a tripping hazard, and letting these problems go unaddressed can worsen over time.

Frontier Foundation & Crawl Space Repair can help you transform your pool deck from hazardous to hazard-free, just in time for summer!

Concrete is pretty amazing stuff. It can be poured, shaped and made into just about anything you like. But even though it's incredibly strong, it's not indestructible. So, when you see cracked concrete or a driveway or patio that has sunken or broken slabs or is pitted, flaked and stained, there are reasons why these things happen.

The good news is with the right materials, equipment, and help from the experienced professionals at Frontier Foundation & Crawl Space Repair, concrete damage can be repaired.

What Lies Beneath 

Poorly compacted soil: When your home was built, the movement of soil around the building site resulted in poor compaction. Even when the replaced soil is compacted well, it's never as stable as the original soil. Over time, this can cause voids to form and slabs to settle.

Cracked concrete happens when part of a concrete slab breaks and sinks into underlying soil that has compressed or washed away. These cracks aren't just unsightly; they offer moisture a way to seep beneath the slab. This can cause the underlying soil to soften or even wash away completely. That in turn can cause the slab to crack further as it sinks into the void left by the washed-away soil.

To prevent moisture from seeping into the soil beneath, those cracks need to be sealed, as do the control joints that were cut between the slabs when they were first poured. 

The NexusPro Solution

NexusPro is a silicone-based sealant for joints and cracks specially formulated to provide long-lasting flexibility and to stand up to harsh weather conditions. Unlike traditional polyurethane sealants, NexusPro resists UV rays, which means it won't crack, bubble, or dry out. That means a single application can seal the joints and cracks in your pool deck for years to come, protecting it from damage caused by soil compaction and washout.

The NexusPro solution is installed by a highly trained crew that specializes in concrete repair and protection. First, the cracks are drilled, smoothed and prepared with non-absorbent backer rod filler. Then, the NexusPro sealant is inserted in the prepared crack or control joint. Finally, the cracks are detailed with a thin layer of native sand, giving the concrete a uniform, finished appearance. And, of course, sealed concrete cracks mean no unsightly weeds growing through.

Advantages of NexusPro for Pool Decks 

NexusPro offers several advantages over traditional concrete crack repairs:

  • Not affected by extreme temperatures
  • Long-lasting and durable 
  • Can be installed year-round
  • Resistant to UV rays to prevent drying, cracking, and bubbling
  • Cures in just 60 minutes (compared with 24-72 hours for urethane-based products)
  • Restore your concrete with the NexusPro crack repair solution

Repairing vs. Replacing

You might be tempted to simply tear out and replace your entire pool deck, but there's a better solution: PolyLevel® concrete lifting and leveling. This innovative technique is:

  • Faster and more affordable than complete pool deck replacement.
  • Less disruptive to your landscaping compared to traditional methods.
  • A longer-lasting solution because it addresses the root cause of settling by stabilizing the underlying soil.


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The PolyLevel Solution

Frontier's trained professionals use PolyLevel®, a high-density expanding foam, to raise sunken concrete slabs. Here's the process:

  1. 1. Technicians drill small holes in the settled concrete.
  2. 2. A two-part polyurethane foam mixture is injected through these holes.
  3. 3. The expanding foam fills voids beneath the concrete, lifting it back to its original level.
  4. 4. The foam also strengthens the soil, preventing future settling.

Advantages of PolyLevel for Pool Decks

Our PolyLevel foam solution comes with a plethora of benefits, such as:

  • Eliminating tripping hazards: Create a safer swimming environment for your family and friends.
  • Restoring even surfaces: Improves the overall aesthetics of your pool area.
  • Strengthening the foundation: Prevents future sinking and cracking.
  • Minimizing disruption: Enjoy your pool deck sooner with less mess.

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Don't let a damaged pool deck put a damper on your summer fun. With these two solutions Frontier Foundation & Crawl Space Repair can fix any cracks or unlevel areas around your pool!
Together, let's make your pool deck the perfect place to relax and enjoy the summer sun! Contact us today for a free, no-obligation inspection and quote.


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