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How Frost Affects Your Foundation

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Frost is a common sight in almost all parts of the US – especially in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama – and it can certainly impact your home negatively. A type of water vapor, frost eventually becomes solid. It can form on windows, cars, and vegetation. Once an outside surface cools down past the dew point – the point where the air becomes so cold that water vapor begins to liquidize and then freeze – frost begins to form.


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How It Affects Your Foundation

The freezing-and-thawing cycle of frost around your foundation leads to problems. When cold temperatures cause frost to form on your lawn, they also cause the water inside the ground to freeze and expand. This creates something known as “frost heave,” a type of foundation heave that pushes the soil around your home against the foundation.


This heaving soil puts pressure on your home’s foundation. It particularly affects your basement – if you have one – as it is below ground level and likely below the frost line. The frost line is the depth at which groundwater can still be expected to freeze. The average depth can differ based on where you live. In Tennessee, the depth is 12 inches below ground whereas it’s 15 inches in Kentucky and 6 inches in Alabama.


Once frost starts to heave, your foundation can become cracked and unstable. As a homeowner, you will likely be able to see the signs of frost heave very clearly. Bowing walls and stair step cracks are sure signs of pressure on your foundation. Even your driveway can be affected and become cracked. If you are also noticing frost on the ground, then you can almost be certain that frost heave is the cause.

How to Combat The Ill Effects of Frost

Frontier Foundation & Crawl Space Repair has the experience, crew, and equipment to fix and stabilize your foundation, especially when it’s due to frost heave. Below, we’ll highlight the solutions we use to combat the damage caused by frost.

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Wall Anchor Systems

Wall anchors are designed to stabilize bowing walls that have been bent by pressure. They work by creating an anchor in stable soil and extending a rod into the wall. A brace is then placed on the inside of the wall where the rod protrudes out. Once the brace has been applied, the anchor can be tightened to stabilize the wall, and in some cases, the wall can even be straightened.

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I-Beam Wall Brace Systems

The next solution to damage caused by frost heave is the PowerBrace™ wall brace system. This patented system is designed to stabilize bowing, buckling walls, and it even has the ability to straighten the wall over time. This is a great option if you don’t want to deal with digging out holes for an anchor, making wall braces a less invasive option for strengthening your wall.


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Concrete Crack Repair

Frost heave can also cause the soil to press against your concrete floors, causing them to crack. At Frontier, we utilize the NexusPro Solution, which is a silicone-based sealant. This sealant is flexible and long-lasting, and it can withstand harsh weather conditions. It cures quickly, and the application only involves drilling small holes and pumping them with the sealant.

We Can Help!

If frost heave is negatively affecting your home’s foundation, we have the solutions to help! Our innovative solutions can be tailored to your specific needs. Don’t let the soil expansion caused by frozen water vapor crumble your walls, contact us today! We offer free, no-obligation estimates.






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