Tips and Tricks for Interviewing- from the HR Standpoint.

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 by Kelsey Hanson

Tips and Tricks for Interviewing- from the HR Standpoint. - Image 1

Looking for a new job can be very stressful. Whether you were just laid off, moving across the country, or just looking for a career change. We have all been there and I know we all needed some guidance on what to wear, how to act, what should we bring up, etc.

                First up, your resume. Resumes are a very important part of looking for a new job. It is the first thing the employer looks at. It is essentially your first impression on the employer. Make sure you are 100% accurate on dates of employment. If there is a gap in your employment history, feel free to put the reason in your resume.  They would rather see a reason why you were not working as opposed to just seeing you had a 2-month gap. List at least 3 professional references (name and current phone number). Do not use your family members, unless you work for them. If you include a cover letter to the employer, it also makes a world of difference.

 For Example,  Dear “Business name”, I am very interested in your company, especially the BLANK position. I am interested because….” Don’t be afraid to make it personal. Tell them exactly why you are applying with them and why you feel you would be a great fit for their company.

Next is the phone interview. The employer should reach out to you by phone. If you do not hear from them, check your email. It is very possible in this day and age that they will email some interview times or even some homework for your first interview. If you are speaking to them on the phone, remember to talk very clearly. Try to refrain from saying “Ummm or uh” a lot. Make sure you are very professional in the way you talk.

Planning for the First Interview. This is a big one and it can be very scary. What if I do something embarrassing? What if I forget what I’m trying to say? What if I stumble? What if they can see me sweating from nerves? Will I make a good impression? Will I get the job? What if I don’t look the part? Here is some advice for those scary questions.

  • What to wear- a good rule of thumb. Wear one step above what you anticipate the dress code to be. L.E. If you are applying in a warehouse- the dress code is most likely casual. A step above that would be a nice pair of jeans (no holes or frays) and nice polo or button-down shirt. If you believe the dress code will be business casual, one step above would be nice slacks, a button-down shirt, and dress shoes, and so on.
  • Nerves- take a deep breath. They perform interviews very often. They know people get nervous and even stumble a little. It is okay. Just keep going like you are a Rockstar. Be confident in yourself and all your accomplishments. I could tell you the old line like “Just picture them in their underwear”. I think we have all tried that and it isn’t always the greatest at getting nerves to come down.
  • Be prepared for off the wall questions. It is good on the HR side to see if you are a quick thinker. So, be prepared to be mentally tricked.
  • Research the company you applied at. It is so awesome when someone comes in and knows about the company and what they do. Also, while researching you may decide you do not like the look of the company or the services they provide.
  • Don’t be afraid to have a list of questions ready for them. (It is also okay to be upfront about the pay) It is a huge thing for the interviewee and the interviewer to be on the same page when it comes to compensation.
  • Be on time! I can not stress this enough. If you can not make it on time, call them. If you get lost on the way, call. They would rather have open lines of communication than you rolling in 10 minutes late for a scheduled interview.
  • Rescheduling. If you need to reschedule or cancel for any unforeseen reason. Call them. It goes with open communication. We are all humans and life happens.

When you get there, treat the receptionist or whoever greets you like they are the ones who will be interviewing you.  They are a big part of any company and should be treated just as well as everyone else you meet while there. Also, make sure to have a firm handshake. Yes, that seems a little old school, but it is a good test to see how confident you are.

Ask your list of questions. Ask what will happen next and when you should be hearing from them. Complete any homework they assign. Smile, shake their hand and thank the Receptionist.

Take a deep breath and go rock the interview.  Remember you are a Rockstar and you did all those things to prepare!

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