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Thursday, September 5th, 2019 by Mikaela Lopez

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Excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.

Excellence is in our values, because we want to succeed expectation and be “excellent” at what we do.
It’s easy to get lost in the many waterproofing, foundation repairs, concrete solution companies. It’s hard to get lost in them when you are a company that performs with excellence.

To get to excellence, we must communicate throughout the office and field. It is a whole lot easier when you’re just a quick walk down the hallway to get to the person you need to speak to, but many times we are calling a co-worker who’s 2 hours away and may or may not be with a homeowner, so they might not be able to answer.
Another way to get to excellence that I believe Frontier strives at is hiring the right type of people. Frontier Basement Systems isn’t just the name, it’s made out of all its employees and that’s what makes Frontier... Frontier.
Excellence can be encouraged through recognition and praise. When a customer is happy and writes a 5 star review or a 3 page letter over how thankful they are for Frontier and its employees, it gets shared throughout the office and a lot of the time on social media, so everyone else can see how awesome we are.
Working effectively and quickly is also very important when it comes to performing with excellence. Talking about a problem for an hour will get you no where unless we are finding solutions. Resolve the conflict, stay focused, and find the answer.

And most of all, perform every duty well above average. Every seemingly meaningless task all adds up to the job that you do. Do everything with excellence, so you yourself are excellent.

Excellent people who work for companies, make the company itself excellent. 

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