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Thursday, June 20th, 2019 by Brittney Gebers

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The primary role of a logo is to identify. Our logo is supposed to identify who we are and what we do. We have stood behind the Frontier Basement Systems logo for over 17 years, but it was time we took a further step back. We looked it over and discussed what message our logo was conveying. Was it communicating who we are and what we represent? Does it tell others what we do, the name of the company, inspire trust, and is it memorable? The answer was no, and thus began the beginning of our new logo.  

We started with a few of the problems that we had encountered. A common misconception was that we had only worked on basements and with basements in our logo and “All Things Basementy” as our slogan, we understood why!  We wanted a logo that was clean and concise, and most importantly, we wanted a logo that would clearly portray that we repair crawl spaces, basements, foundations, and concrete.

In the past, we had taglines that went under our logo, but sometimes the font would appear too small. Basement Systems was taking up a large portion of space, and other times people just were not reading it. So we dropped the Basement Systems, and replaced it with easy to read bullet points. The Frontier will appear larger and consumers can glance at our logo and know exactly what we do.

 We are on a mission to redefine our industry and change expectations people have of contractors. The homeowners experience is important to us even from the first time they see our logo. We wanted clean and simple.

Changing our logo after 17 years was a huge decision, but a necessary one. Eliminating “Basement Systems” was an easy transition, because many already call us Frontier. It was also important to us that our name was not abbreviated to FBS. With this design, we can transition easily by keeping that same font as well as the pink line.

So, we are glad that they know exactly who we are and what we do when they come across our new logo.

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