The Most Common Foundation and Waterproofing Misconception

Thursday, May 30th, 2019 by Brittney Griffy

The Most Common Foundation and Waterproofing Misconception - Image 1

The most common misconception: My house is brand new; I don’t need an inspection. 


As the general public we want to believe that when we buy a newly constructed home the structure is perfect. We trust that the code requirements will protect us and ensure the safety of our home. A large purchase like a home should be a solid investment that will not lose value, but potentially increase in value and make money when it needs to sell. 

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Code requirements are a minimum requirement and most homes are built to be cost effective for the builder and the homeowner. Like most things if we want upgrades or nicer commodities those are something we do on our own later. 

As building and construction continues on homes and roads near us, not only is the soil below our homes disturbed, but so is the path of ground water. Recognizing that these infrastructure changes that happen every day affect the foundation of your home is important.  It is also important to be aware of what severe weather can do to the soil that your home sits on.

Comparable to purchasing an older home, regular checks and maintenance in a newer home are also required. It’s easy to recognize the need to clean out gutters or trim the hedges but knowing what is happening under your home or under the surface is more challenging and requires an expert to know the best permanent solution.

Little tells that your home shares with you when it has foundation or moisture issues are bouncy floors, doors and window not shutting properly, or a mildew scent lofting in your home. Multiple temporary fixes over time are frustrating and become costly. The best thing to do is get the job done right the first time. Waiting can lead to many things, such as noticeable cracks in the exterior and interior walls, which will reduce the value of your home. If you have concerns, have a professional come out and inspect your home. The foundation that your new home was built on might not be as sturdy as you think!

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