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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 by Mikaela Lopez

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to Frontier Basement Systems.
Respect represents the first “R” in FRONTIER Values. Respect is a necessity in a workplace and in our field the workplace goes beyond the walls of an office. We must also bring respect to our customers’ homes. Respect is so important to Frontier, because it is a key component to a happy environment. There is no way we could have gotten on The Tennessean’s 2018 Top Workplaces list without respect (humble brag). Respect doesn’t just start and stop at Layne, Judy, or upper management; respect flows through all branches of Frontier.

We must also show respect to our customers and their homes, because they put their trust in us to treat their home and their things the same way they would. If we were to never clean up the mess we made or were rude to them, they would never want our services again.

A few ways to make your workplace more respectful are:

  1. Be in control of your words and actions. Do not let your anger get out of hand or let a bad day lead you to outburst onto a fellow coworker.
  2. “Empathy fuels connection” Step into your coworkers’ shoes and empathize with them and their emotions.
  3. Listen more intently. When someone is trying to tell you something or give input, listen to them even if you do not agree.

If you have worked for a company that has not put “respect” in their everyday values, then you can see a very distinct difference between them and Frontier Basement Systems. Everyone is treated 100% fairly and with respect, and that by itself makes Frontier a great place to work for!

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