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Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 by Sherry Clark

At Frontier Basement Systems, we believe that having strong values represent who we are, how we work and where we are going.  Faith, Respect, Wow Service, Passion, Loyalty, Integrity, Excellence and Determination are Values that we take very seriously.  Today, I would like to focus on Faith. Do you have Faith, and if so what or who do you have Faith in? 


Personally, when I think about Faith, I look up to the sky and smile, I let the waves of water roll over my feet at the beach, and I know that I’m not alone in this vast world.  

On the other hand, I believe that Faith represents so many different things. Faith can be religious, personal, professional, the list goes on.  

  • Do you have Faith in knowing that your car is going to start every day, take you to work, to school, or to a doctor’s appointment? 
  • Do you have Faith in knowing that you have a warm meal and home to go to everyday? 
  • Do you have Faith in knowing that when you go to the grocery store, they are going to have everything on your shopping list?
  • Do you have Faith that you will find that perfect job, have a family, buy that car you always wanted, and purchase a home? 

Yes, these are materialistic wants, desires and needs. I want to be clear with everyone, just because you have Faith in these “things” doesn’t mean that you only desire tangible items.  

We also have Faith in people.  At Frontier Basement Systems, we have a business machine that works together just for you. This business machine works because each department has Faith in the next. We all have Faith in Layne and Judy, to lead the way and make good decisions. Not only for the business that we represent, but also for us as individuals so that we can go to work each day so that we can provide for our families.

We are not just a name, we are individuals just like you, and we have faith that our clients trust us and recommend us to others.

It is important to us that each home owner have Faith in Frontier Basement Systems. Faith that we are here from start to finish.


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