What Bipolar Weather Means for Your Home

Friday, February 1st, 2019 by Mikaela Lopez

What Bipolar Weather Means for Your Home - Image 1
As all Tennesseans know, our weather is very bipolar. One day it could be shorts and tank top weather, and the next day you’re bundled up in a turtle neck and heavy jacket. We hate the ever-changing weather, but our homes foundations hate it more!

The foundations of our homes are underground and built in porous soil. Different types of soils expand and contract at different rates when water is in them, but one thing is for sure, dry weather = shrinking, and cold weather = expanding. When the soil expands to the sides it will eventually cause foundation damage, and when it expands upward, it could crack your driveways and sidewalks!

Concrete will also contract and expand with changing temperatures. The expanding and shrinking of concrete leads to cracks, which will without a doubt, grow over time. Cracks may occur when the soil around the foundation dries out and settles, which could also cause your foundation to sit unevenly.

Sadly, I have more bad news, when it rains water can flow into your basement or under your home via these cracks. Which could not only damage your foundation, but also cause potential flooding.

We do have some good news! We can help protect your home!

NexusPro Joint Sealant is placed into the expansion and control joints in your slab and can also seal cracks. This prevents water infiltration and minimizes soil softening and erosion that water causes when it gets beneath the slab. This silicone-based sealant will make sure natural expansion and contraction of concrete during temperature changes won’t break its bond!


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