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Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 by Brittney Griffy

The SaniDry Sedona went under hours of testing in Basement Systems's Connecticut production facility. This smaller, light weight, energy efficient unit was designed for the best results. The SandiDry Sedona dehumidifier was first released to the Basement Systems Network in January 2017. Thousands of Sedonas spread across the United States and Canada.

Since the roll out of the SaniDry Sedona some of our clients have experienced problems with the dehumidifier unit. Unfortunately over time, a few glitches or defects were discovered that did not show during the design and production. Good news, not only are we a part of a large network but these units are also warrantied.

The beauty of such a large network is the quick response to any and all errors. With hundreds of dealers and their teams spread across multiple countries, in the clients' homes, as a network we were able to identify the similarities and differences and the concerns were diagnosed much faster.

Because of the Warranty that comes with the SaniDry Sedona there was no additional cost to the home owner to have it adjusted or replaced if necessary. Many of these units were replaced this year; some the client reported a problem, others were found during annual service appointments.

After many revisions to the Sedona dehumidifier, all defects have been fixed. No need to panic, not all units had a defect, it appears to have been specific batches.

During the manufacturing of some of these units, the material to solder the piping of refrigerant system was not adequate and would crack due to vibrations from the compressor motor. To remedy this, Basement Systems found a higher quality material for the soldering as well as adding extra-large rubber “boots” to support the compressor and reduce vibrations.

Another issue was the coating on the cold coils. They used a spray-on application but later found it was not covering the entire cold coil. This was allowing corrosion to happen in vital areas on the cold coil. Now, instead of a spray-on application they are using a dip application to ensure complete coverage. Also, they changed the coating material to the industry’s top coating.

Our service technicians are expertly trained to perform the annual checks and maintenance on our products as well as diagnose, troubleshoot, and respond to any additional concerns. They are very thorough in their checks and will discuss all findings of their visit with you before leaving your home. You can rest easy knowing that you have our team as well as the power of the network on your side to ensure your home is happy and healthy.


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