Akward Spaces

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 by Brittney Griffy

Although exterior waterproofing has always been the most well known, We now know there is a better way!

Interior Waterproofing.

  • Far less destructive to the outside of the home
  • much easier to maintain
  • less expensive
  • can offer warranty
  • multiple custom solutions.

But not all foundations are an easy rectangle with 4 corners and 4 straight walls, so what about those awkward spaces in your home that aren't as easy.

 Straight walls and 90 degree angles are manageable for the WaterGuard system. The drainage line sits on the footing against the wall and is covered nicely with new concrete.

 corners and angles

Maybe you have heard about a hot water tank busting and the pain of that hassle. We have a solution for that.


hot water tank protection

Homes that have older utilities that shouldn't or cant be moved a trench drain can be installed around that area.

Gas lines or HVAC units are a couple others utilities we might go around.  This old pressure tank for a well is a good example of a utility you would not be able to run interior waterproofing behind.

trench around furnace

Some older basements may have an entry or doors that the traditional WaterGuard or DryTrak will not work.

trench for door way


An inspection port makes checks and maintenance easy. The interior drainage line can be flushed to ensure there are not blockages unlike exterior drainage where the only way to check it is to dig it up.


inspection port



These are just a few examples of how to work those challenging areas.

Our inspector will determine the best solution for your home after discussing your concerns and priorities.  After you have been presented with the options you and your inspector can decide the best permanent solution.

If you are worried your basement will be difficult to waterproof give Frontier a call for a free inspection. Our team of experts will be happy to help!


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