GeoLock Wall Anchors

Thursday, July 19th, 2018 by Brittney Griffy

retaining wall support


GeoLock Wall Anchors

GeoLock Wall Anchors 12"x2" Wall Plate

6' Steel Rod Extension

The inspector will take a look at the failing wall and take some measurements. Those measurements are plugged in to a product load calculator which will determine how far apart each plate should be to distribute the load as well as the distance necessary near corners. This ensures that the correct amount of anchors are used to permanently stabilized the wall providing negative pressure against the wall.

8" Concrete Block

7' High Wall

5' Exterior Grade

32' Long Wall

Required 6' spacing to hold the load of the wall. 3' at Corners.



At the proper distance away from the wall a whole is dug to install the earth anchor.

A long drill bit is used to place the rod.

A steel rod runs from the wall plate to the earth anchor to provide necessary resistance.

The rod can be tightened down until wall is secure and the rod is fastened and flush.



ground geolock


After install the hole is back-filled and the area is graded back to natural appearance.



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