Waterproofing your Basement

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 by Brittney Griffy


There are tons of articles and theories on how to waterproof your basement. There are things to consider such as plans for the space, budget, are you looking for temporary or permanent solution.

Perimeter water collection system. Here you see WaterGuard interior collection system installed along the footing. The crew has placed a barrier across the top to protect from the concrete that will be laid over the trench.

water guard


An Inspection port is installed in the WaterGuard system so it can be checked for debris or clogs to ensure system is working properly or troubleshoot any problems in the future. 

Exterior water collection systems is also an option. A plastic pipe with a thin fabric covering is buried along the foundation. However, there is no way to maintenance the system or ensure it is working properly. If the exterior system clogs all you can do is dig up the line to check and replace it but that is a major inconvenience and expense. 

inspection port


A sump pump liner collects water from the collection system and pumps the water through the discharge lines. This TipleSafe Sump Pump liner can hold one pump or 2 pumps with a back up pump. You can also get an alarm that will beep when water is collecting and the pump is not working. A couple simple reasons pumps might fail is lack of power in a storm or the pump has been unplugged for some reason.

sealed sump pump

IceGuard allows for water to escape should the lines be frozen in the winter, a discharge line gets clogged, or a line is damaged.

ice guard

The discharge line is buried and takes the water away from the foundation.

discharge ine

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