Sinking Concrete?

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 by Brittney Griffy


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Sinking concrete

Mudjacking and PolyLevel are both techniques used to lift and level concrete. A hole is drilled into the slab a material is injected underneath the slab until slab reaches desired level. Both are less expensive than busting and replacing concrete.


 Hazards. Anything greater than a ¼” height difference in a walking path is considered a trip hazard. Leveling those dangerous areas protect your loved ones or if you are a business owner your customers so you can focus on the things that really matter.


What is mudjacking?

    Concrete water mix that looks like this mud injected under the current slab to raise the    concrete


What is PolyLevel?

High density polyurethane foam. 2 separate liquids are pumped through separate hoses when they mix a chemical reaction creates a high-density, expansive foam.


Fix: The fix is a simple four step process. It is important to have an experienced professional complete the project. Technique and skill are a large part of reaching the desired results for your concrete.

    Install injection ports

    Inject the foam

    Raise the Slab

    Caulk and Clean up.


Protect.  Fix current hazards but you can also protect concrete from future problems. Most concrete is not sealed leaving those pores exposed to the elements. Concrete should be sealed to protect it. However most of the time it is not.


Expansion joints are important especially in areas that have extreme weather from wet to dry or hot to cold.  Soil is also a concern because of settling, root damage, or erosion.

An inspector looks for signs of damage, changes, voids, and proper spacing.


Sealing the joints with proper flex caulking allows for the movement and protects the concrete. A proper seal on the concrete also protects from all of these elements and the everyday wear and tear.


Long Term

PolyLevel is a permanent, safe, environmentally friendly solution for slab lifting.

Mudjacking is a little more expensive and only last about 5-7 years on average

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