Spring Home Improvements

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 by Brittney Griffy

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Spring Home Improvements

We get a few days of beautiful weather, few days of rain, some cold weather, and some warm weather. Spring in our area is nitrous for including all types of weather in a short amount of time. However, we can all feel the change in the air, see wildlife out exploring and gathering food, plants are blooming, grass is growing, kids are ready to get outside.

As homeowners we start looking around the home to see what needs cleaning, repaired, updated. After those high heating bills and knowing the high cooling bills are just around the corner home owners will typically look to see what improvements can be done to help save energy.

Top improvements include: replace windows, new heating and cooling systems, replace inefficient appliances, clean units and filters, add insulation, paint, garden, clean gutters and extend down spouts to name a few. These are just a few - the list go on.


Frontier’s top picks

Clean the filter of your dehumidifier. We offer service appointments to have your pumps cleaned, lines checked, and SaniDry filters changed.

Check your gutters and down spouts, be sure you don’t have water dumping against your foundation.

Interior water drainage systems are efficient and easy to waterproof the foundation. They are far less destructive to install an easy to maintain.  

Air seal all leaky areas of your home where conditioned air is escaping, or unconditioned air is coming in.

Insulate below the living area and above. Enclosing the home full circle.

The most effective way to help energy cost: Encapsulate your home; seal and insulate.  Creating a space you can control in your home is the most effective way to control the comfort level of your home; from heating, cooling, humidity, to dust.


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