Water in your Crawl Space

Monday, March 5th, 2018 by Brittney Griffy

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How much water should you have in your crawl space?


A crawlspace typically sits lower than the earth outside the foundation. Water flows directly downhill and very likely into your crawl space.  Every Crawl space should have a drainage system.  If not, water may be pooling near the foundation, around the footings, or other low areas.

We have a lot of clay soil in our area, water can cause several concerns; Swell, wash out, or other damaging issues to the foundation.

Our Floor joist lives in our crawl space. This is not pressure treated lumber so standing water is very unhealthy for the structure of our home.

  • Standing water along with the hot humidity we are known for here in the south creates the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. 
  • High moisture content in wood is the cause of wood rot.
  • We also know that moisture, heat, and pressure are the necessary factors for bending wood. This is another cause for uneven floors.


2 things you can do:

Call us for a free inspection! 866 682 4420

Let our experts see if you have any standing water or other crawl space concerns. We will let you know what we find, any issues, and the best permanent solutions for your home and family.


If you prefer to do the work, be sure to install a drainage system to take water out of the crawl space. If you are in a lower area, not a hill, you will want to install a sump pump.




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