Dont Blow Insulation into Your Home

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 by Brittney Griffy

It is a popular assumption that blowing in more insulation is the answer in the winter if your home is cold.

Before you do that be sure to really check your home for air leaks. If the home is not sealed off air will continue to get through.

You can test for air leaks in your home by running your hand around areas to feel for the temperature change or look for holes or cracks that allow outside air or light in.

Dustin mentions checking light switches and plugs, if those feel cooler the problem is coming from the attic.

Most home owners are under the impression that just adding more insulation is the answer. Adding insulation before air sealing will only increase your cost and effort to properly seal the problem areas. Your home works like a vacuum, sealing it off will keep the outside air out and the conditioned air that you pay for, in.

Our inspectors will close all doors and windows, check with thermal imaging cameras, and a smoke pencil or puff pro to check for air leaks or drafts in the home.

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