Importance Of Non 0rganic Materials In Your Below Grade Space

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 by Brittney Griffy


A basement or crawlspace is what we consider to separate our home’s living space from the earth below. This space has lots of natural elements that we are trying to protect our homes from. Crawlspaces and basements are notorious for mold. Mold requires 3 things to grow: Temperatures above 60 degrees, relative humidity over 60%, and a dead organic material -  wood, sheet rock, etc.


Controlling the temperatures, humidity, and materials will control the mold, mildew, and wood rot. Mold and mildew can not survive if they do not have their necessary requirements to live. Wood rot is an effect of the mold or mildew eating away and deteriorating the wood.


Waterproofing is honestly a myth or misconception; water can get through anywhere air can travel, water management is the reality.  Our mission here at Frontier Basement Systems is to provide the best permanent solutions for our home owners. Not everyone has the same needs or priorities, each family needs a customized solution that fits their particular goals.


Being “All things Basementy” we are asked questions daily about finishing basements. Home owners do research and look at all of their options before investing in the project. The uses and needs for that space determine the priorities. Whether you are trying to encapsulate the area for better air quality upstairs or completely finish the basement for living space, the best advice we can offer is to invest in proper water management and finish with non-organic materials.


We have all seen or heard about those basements that cost thousands of dollars to finish only to have a water leak. The water was cleaned up but the damage to the drywall and flooring was permanent. A basement is not the place for drywall. Organic materials are porous so they just absorb the moisture and lock it in like a sponge would.


Frontier Basement Systems suggest that you use basement finishing products that are non organic. They will not absorb water or moisture, therefore, they will not mold or mildew!


That “basement smell” can be a thing of the past! Should a leak or unfortunate event happen, non-organic materials will not be damaged. Non Organic materials are not porous so they will not absorb moisture and swell. The moisture will dry out much faster therefore not causing any damage.


Floor joist and load bearing beams are typically wood, that’s still okay but important that you control the humidity of the area to protect those materials from mold and mildew.


For any of your basement or crawlspace needs, contact Frontier Basement Systems, with our experience, knowledge and expertise, we can meet your needs.

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